Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Smart. Government by Tweet

How apt!  How absolutely perfect!  How swell!!

Now that the Republicans control every branch of government, their very first act is . . . . 

. . . to destroy the Office of Congressional Ethics. (*)

Enough of this ethics shit!  Who needs it?  It’s just another way of saying “political correctness” and we all know the voters gave us a mandate to do away with it, right?

They have a president-to-be who won the electoral college but not the election.  They have a crew of billionaires getting ready to run agencies they have sought for years to destroy, the way the House destroyed ethics last night.

The fate of the nation is in the hands of destroyers.

Besides ethics, their targets include:

Education.  The billionaire named to run the Department of Education is dedicated to the destruction of public schools and forcing kids into things called charter schools, which are taxpayer-funded brainwash centers.  As the secretary-designate herself has said, these will be schools that teach God’s will.  Get ready for a generation of kids that thinks deductive reasoning is a tax strategy and square root is a genetically modified plant, but that will graduate from high school sing-songing, “Jesus loves me, this I know, ‘cause the Bible tells me so.”

Health Care.  C'mon, if you got health you don't need care, right?  Obamacare -- which is named for a black person, after all -- is outta here.  Why should we  pay for services for them who are too damned lazy to work for things like we do, right? For the rest of us, what will replace what we've got now?  The Pussy-Grabber will take care of that, rust him.  He is very smart.

The Environment.  Those silly rules that try to keep the air safe to breathe, the water safe to drink, the food safe to eat and the earth a suitable habitat for human and other forms of life . . . well, they are a nuisance for businessmen, of which of course the Pussy-Grabber is the most supreme one ever to hatch a deal. They guy who loved to sue the Environmental Protection Agency now gets to dismantle it.

Women’s Rights.  Back to barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, Baby, and get your pussy grabbed on the way.  Unless, of course, you have a billion dollars or so in your bank account, in which case you can have a government agency to run.  Abortion?  Don’t even think about.  Equal pay for equal work?  Are you out of your mind?  Roe v. Wade?  It’s like ethics.  Who needs it?

Consumer Protection. Isn’t that something invented by that Pocahontas bitch in the Senate?  You gotta be kidding!  What’s good for Wall Street is good for America, which is about to become great again, if you just get the damned government out of the way, which of course the greatest businessman ever to swindle a contractor will take care of pronto beginning on Jan. 20.

Diplomacy. Whaddafuck is “diplomacy” except another kind of “political correctness?”  How many times do we gotta tell you, the voters gave us a mandate  to end that “correctness” shit.  We will deal with the world by tweet. Goddam Chinks give us any lip, the P-G will tweet their yellow asses into oblivion, is what he’ll by gawd do. Somebody try to mess with Pal Bibi and we’ll nuke the bastards.  Got that?

Laws. We got a bunch of bad ones, which are just another way of saying “ethics” or “political correctness.”  Bigly bad. The P-G will repeal them.  From then on, the P-G will simply tweet new laws whenever he thinks they are necessary, most of which will apply to the stupid 99 per cent but not to his cronies, who are very smart.

Intelligence.  Since the P-G is already very smart, probably the smartest person on earth, he cannot waste time being briefed by “intelligence” agencies.  Who needs ‘em? They’re fired!  

National Parks, Monuments, Forests and public lands.  Way it is now, just about anyone can go in there with their silly tents and backpacks and fishin’ ’poles, which of course gets in the way of mining machinery, drilling rigs and big trucks.  Laws will be tweeted to give all so-called public lands over to the more responsible stewardship of corporations, especially corporations who cut favorable deals with you-know-who.

Welcome (with a nod to Paul Krugman) to Trumpistan!

(*)  A folly they promptly backed away from when the P-G had a twitfit.

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