Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shall We Now Praise This Infamous Man?

Some outfit e-mailed me yesterday urging me to thank President Obama for his courageous act, endorsing the right of gay people to marry.

I declined.  I have thought for quite some time that one thing Dr. Kidglove would never be accused of was courage.  I still think that.

I also think that people whose sexual orientation is different from mine have all of the same rights that I have, including the right to marry the person of their choice. Just because the President finally came around to acknowledging what seems like a pretty clear-cut constitutional position -- the guy used to teach law, for Pete's sake! -- I refuse to turn cartwheels or jump with joy.

Next issue, please.

What about our prolonged, agonizing, illegal, immoral and fruitless wars, Mr. Nobel Peace Laureate?

What about the hundred million, more or less, Americans still without jobs and increasingly without hope of ever finding employment, Mr. Social Justice Guy?

What about the greedy, unregulated bankers and financiers who caused the worst recession in three-quarters of a century and have rewarded themselves with billions in bloated salaries and bonuses, Mr. Kiss the Republican Asses in Congress?

What about the millions of Americans still without adequate health care, Mr. Cave In to Insurers and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers?

What about the ongoing failures of our educational system, Mr. Vouchers Are OK?

What about the old fashioned Jeffersonian notion of the separation of church and state, Mr. Faith-Based Scams?

What about the First Amendment -- free speech, peaceable assembly -- Mr. Police Crackdown on Occupy?

What about the Fourth Amendment -- probable cause -- Mr. Arrest Without Warrant and Detain Forever? And unreasonable search and seizure, Mr. Build a Spy Castle in Utah ?

What about the Fifth Amendment -- due process -- Mr. Kill by Executive Order?

What about the Sixth Amendment, Mr. Detain Forever and Stage Military Kangaroo Trials?

What about the Eighth Amendment, Mr. Rendition and Torture?

What about campaign promises of open government, Mr. Secrecy and Official Lies?

What about fear-mongering, Mr. Inheritor of the Cloak of FDR, who said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself"?

Thank him?

Thanks for nothing, Dr. Kidglove, our very own Cowardly Lion.


  1. Is it mere coincidence that the UK's PM Cameron came out of the closet on virtually the same day?

  2. Does the President of the United States have any idea how arrogant he sounds when he talks like this, or has he been this arrogant all along? "In an interview with ABC News," it says here, "Obama said he wasn't angry at Biden, though he thought the vice president had gotten 'a little bit over his skis' by voicing his support for gay marriage ahead of his boss. 'Would I have preferred to have done this in my own way, in my own terms, without I think, there being a lot of notice to everybody? Sure,' Obama said. 'But all's well that ends well.' " But Mr. President, it isn't ending well when your vice president, a man with 10 times your experience and perhaps a stronger multiple of heart, has to apologize for stating his views in public before they have a year to evolve, like your own. Gay marriage isn't my issue, and come to that, shouldn't be an issue at all, but it looks like we've got a long wait for you to do something wise and decisive "in [your] own way, in [your] own terms." Should you begin doing such things, I promise to be among the first to notice. But you've been mocking this fellow Biden with little jokes, grins and winks since day one, or I've been watching the wrong movie. And now you want him, and us your constituents along with him, to endure that wait along with you. I was thinking "enough with the forbearance" myself, but like a lot of pre-Obama Democrats, I don't like Mitt Romney yet, either.

  3. The pianist raises the point well. As a former constitutional lawyer, he has shown distain for the constitution he made millions of dollars interpreting and protecting.

    He would have been better served to say he believed in bi-sexual marriages so he could be consistant with being the flip-flopper he is. In 3 years of presidency he has voted present also.

  4. TY, TY, TY! This is the reason I ceased blogging. I don't need to! You're doing it and doing it far better than I ever could. Please note: this blog is good for a free beverage of your choice, next time we meet up at HDBC!!

    1. Only one, Bob? Stingy, stingy, stingy!

  5. As with anything there has to be limitations, but most of us even with religious backgrounds believe as the President stated that we will all be judged in the hereafter and it is not our job to judge on earth simply because someone does not believe as we do. For now Jobs, and more importantly CAREERS needs to be topic #1. Romney needs to stay away from Conservative Right and Obama (Democrat) discussions to venture away from this point. We must remember 1 very important point that not 1 Democrat voted for Obama's jobs bill. President Obama sure got mileage out his jobs proposal though as a means to have taxpayers pay for his campaining during his push of this at the tune of millions of dollars.

    Ironic also his evolution came the day before his trip to California for the dinner with Hollywood celebs. HOPEFULLY VOTERS WILL SEE THROUGH BOTH CANDIDATES AND THEIR TALK OF 'CHANGE'! Hopefully we all learned our lesson the last 3 years!