Friday, December 11, 2015

It's Time to Say, "Enough!"

Have we not had enough of this bloated ego, inflated with rancid wind and putrid fart-gas — this empty-headed, racist, rich white boy — this blond-plumed turd regurgitating hate and filth — this bloviating fool who makes the United States a laughingstock among the intelligent citizens of other nations?

Now the mainstream media are covering themselves covering Donald Trump and some wonder if it’s, gee whiz, not “balanced” for others to call him what he clearly is— a lying, fascist maniac, a modern-day Hitler aborning. It’s time for Matt Taibbi, author of the face-sucking giant squid, to coin an equally adept metaphor for this cyst on the anus of American society. “Unhinged,” as Jeb Bush put it, is too drab.

Perhaps there should be a contest for the best derogatory term for Trump, with the winner given the right to pitch a severed pig’s head onto the steps of one of his mansions.

Hillary Clinton said she no longer “thinks he is funny.”  Did anyone with a brain ever think this jerk was funny? Only in Amerika!

Even the right-wing nut-cases who share his pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination agree that he has gone too far out the window with his call to prevent muslims from entering the United States.  At last! The bile Trump has spewed from the moment he entered the campaign — “rapists” spilling across our southern border! — disqualified him from the very outset to be a serious candidate for the presidency.  That anyone qualified to vote considers him so indicts the entire electorate as a ship of fools.

There have always been idiots, bigots, psychopaths and lunatics in our population and there always will be.  As lone individuals loose among us they are dangerous enough, but when others begin to take them seriously, to applaud their ranting and raving and their hatred, to consider them leaders, entire societies are at grave risk.

It is time to ring down the curtain on this man Trump.  The leadership of the Republican party, the media, those who once thought he was “funny,” or “entertaining,” or “quirky” or whatever — it is time for these people to end the theater of the absurd.  It is time for them to send Donald Trump off into some dark corner of the loony bin, unheard, unquoted, uncelebrated and unwanted.