Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scenario of the Nuclear Option -- Revisited

Among the trove of unpublished works in my captain's trunk is a novella in which the former United States is ruled in nuclear winter by President Gingrich -- called "Eft" in my story.

Without imposing the burden of further details (there's a reason these things didn't get published), I simply want to raise the worrisome thought that that part of the novella may have been prophetic.

Ye gods!

Even as South Carolina Republicans cast their primary ballots today, there is evidence of a last-minute Gingrich surge that will end the Romney candidacy and leave the Grand Old Party with a choice among Newt, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

Ye gods!

Paul Craig Roberts, a former Nixon administration official turned pundit, recently devised a scenario in which the U.S.-Israel belligerence toward Iran inevitably leads to war, which ensnarls China, and leads to the Nuclear Option.  Roberts, who is always more right than wrong, does tend toward extremism to make some of his points, and I thought that was the case with this scenario.

Now I'm not so sure.  With a President Obama, the Roberts scenario seems possible -- remotely.  With a President Gingrich?  Big bang!

The mainstream media are already neck-deep in another Iraq-style Big Muddy.  The New York Times has been in Judith Miller mode for several weeks.  Whether the CIA is in cahoots with the Israelis in the targeted assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists is immaterial.  Consent, tacit or active, is still consent.  The drums of war are beating and for the nonce, only Obama's desperation for re-election can mute them.  He'd rather not have more American blood spilling in a new venue when America goes to the polls next November.

But if Newt's the Republican nominee, the contest for the presidency will be a far different horse race than Obama v. Romney.  The Mittster is simply less bellicose -- much, much less bellicose -- than Newt, and would be far less likely to nudge Dr. Kidglove into another ill-advised war during the campaign. 

Afterward, I doubt that a President Romney would risk the horrors of Nuclear Holocaust.  Same for a re-elected President Obama.

But Gingrich!

Ye gods.

In my unpublished novella, President Eft bullies his weapons scientists until they develop a heat-seeking, guided, bullet-sized projectile to target individuals in combat. * It leaves a very small entry hole, destroys the target's inner organs and leaves an intact body "so there'll be no more Unknown Soldiers," as President Eft puts it. In the novella, he baits his rival for power into the open, then orders the military to use it to kill the guy.

Just imagine what a President Newt could do with all those lovely drones.

*Postscript (2-2-12)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- (AP) -- Engineers at Sandia National Laboratories say they have developed an inexpensive,  miniature guidance system for a  bullet that directs itself like a tiny guided missile and can hit a target more than a mile away.


  1. Newt could be our secret weapon. He can devise a threesome with the Chinese Prime Minister's wife. His scud missile probably does not fire very far these days.

    In the mean time President Obama finds himself in a bit of a pickle. He is spending billions of our dollars trying to find out how to disinfect the mouths of all the babies the Republicans have kissed. Word is that Nancy Pelosi has a Botox solution to the matter, but she has to check with all her references before choosing the correct child dose.

    Dr. Kidglove, just another way to spend money that is not yours!

  2. Newt days of firing his scud missile are likely over. Much is made of a not Romney candidate, but we must also remember in democratic circles there was talk of Hillary entering the race. Much of the country wants anyone but Obama!

    Obama did what even Bush could not do and that's spend $5 trillion in 3 years! Even the 'bordello pianist' could win the democratic nomination as the not- Obama. Obama had 8 months to look over ecological impact of Canadian pipeline. He could have simply forced a % of profits to go toward cost effective option to silicon in harvesting solar power as a compromise. Many of us are beginning to really dislike his desire to play to the 47% that don't work so they rely on the fed vs. Working for a living. Construction jobs on pipeline and more cost effective, ecological chemical plants at little cost to the taxpayer. Anyone that listens to him do anything but, sing or play golf/basketball is in the top 1% -- Of IDIOTS.

  3. The Newt scud missile is married again and the hypocracy he exhibited with Clinton is renowned.

    Obama has proven to have good military advisors which gave him the oportunity with Bin Laden. Otherwise he has a lot of bafoons. Consider his non- military accomplishments:
    1). Racked up $5 trillion debt in 3 years. Even beat Bush on this!
    2). Took forever for B P oil spill. Never learned from Bush with N.O.
    3). Hired a wall st advisor in Geitner that is a tax cheat
    4). Parts of Healthcare act are good, but overall is extremely expensive an Pelosi still does not know what's in it
    5). Canadian pipeline and upgrading refineries to be more ecologically efficient would provide 1,000's of jobs w/ little cost to taxpayers. He could have forced green incentives to find economic solutions to no longer use silicon based solar panels.

    In short Obama can sing and play golf/basketball better than be president. Even democrats wanted Hillary or anyone else to run. The new motto ---- VOTE CHANGE ** ANYBODY BUT OBAMA **

  4. Hopefully your cast of characters of President Eft can be adapted to include HIS MAJESTY KIDGLOVE - LORD AND MASTER OF THE WELFARE UNION.

  5. Much like Clinton, Newt is known to fire his scud missile and hit random targets rather than be with his wife. Obama and Bush were welcome reliefs in that regard. That does not make them nuclear.

    This election may be very interesting. Will KING KIDGLOVE - LEADER OF THE WELFARE NATION be in for 4 more years? Obviously after the the State of HIS Union speech, he still sees spend more as the way to get jobs and run down the deficit. We must remember he has tax cheat Geitner as his confidant. AFter spending $5 trillion in 3 years, he wants to double down. If not Newt or Mitt, then write in for Hillary. I can not believe the Dems do not have a capable candidate other than King of the welfares!