Tuesday, August 31, 2010

See the Pig Fly! Watch the Cow Jump Over the Moon!

The great national orgy of self-deceit goes on.

Tonight, our Commander in Chief will speak to us about "the end of the war in Iraq."

Haven't we seen this movie before?  Didn't the spoiled rich kid dress up in a smartly tailored Sojer Suit and declare "Mission Accomplished?"

How many times can one war "end" but still continue to kill American servicemen and women? We're laaving 50,000 of them over there with targets on their chests, but the "war is over?"

Why do we buy this bovine excrement?  Why do we trust the media that repeat it? Do we enjoy being gulled?  Gulling ourselves?

In November we will stage a general election.  We will tell one another that we are participating in the democratic process.

Nonsense.  A handful of billionaires, multimillionaires and the corporations they control will buy a majority of the House of Representative and half the Senate.  The "elected" members of Congress will do the bidding of the most powerful among the richest one percent of Americans.

It will be ugly.  Venal clones of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and their ilk will be governing us.  Our yoke as citizens will be the legislation of Hate. Non-Christians, persons of color, liberals and others on the hate list will live in fear of the gun-toting, bible-quoting bigots giddy on power.

Dr. Kidglove?  He has already rendered himself irrelevant by his foredoomed efforts to compromise with the devil.  Some say that when the devil rules Washington, Dr. Kidglove will be impeached.

Maybe so.  Will it matter?  Will it matter if irrational, corrupt politicians oust a weak, inept leader on spurious grounds? Our once-proud nation has become a vast political cesspool; whatever emanates from Washington, regardless of the party of origin, stinks.

But we think we're the moral compass of the world!  We tell ourselves that the rest of the world is jealous because we're free!  We ignore the suspension of our civil rights that is ironically acronymed THE USA PATRIOT ACT.  Over childishly absurd opposition by a witless minority, our elected whores manage to pass health care legislation that increases the power of insurers and corporations to withhold health care or make it excessively expensive for the poorest and most needy among us.  And we call it "reform."

We tune our televisions to a manufacturer of falsehoods, fear, lies and innuendo and tell ourselves that we're watching "news." 

We will dial up our HDTVs tonight and listen to the "leader of the free world, the head of the richest, most powerful nation on earth," as he declares once again the end of war in Iraq.

And we will believe.  We will bless the troops.  We will wave flags.  We will sing patriotic songs.

We will be Americans.  But we will still be at war in Iraq, where we never should have gone in the first place.

*   *   *

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  1. All true. If it's any consolation, bovine excrement is not at all bad with roasted garlic and a spicy syrah.

  2. How much roasted garlic per serving?

  3. Generally it depends on how long the bovine excrement pie has been "field curing" and time of year.

    If the pie is fresh with only a thin crusty exterior, don't be sparing with the garlic; if it is more 'mature', then you can go easy on the garlic. Alternatively, for the super-aged, you can break the pie up and use it like croutons on salad or in a good French onion soup.

    As for time of year, a spring pie on a green grassy field should be well supplemented with garlic. The autumn pie on hard-baked brown matted hillside is almost good on its own.

    (as you can see - I've spent a career in the military. Eating shit is a speciality.)

  4. And not just on the occasional shingle, I'd wager.

  5. yeah..a little more. But now that I think of it - no more than the average military Joe and also probably not more than a lot of the print journalists today. Lots of people are forced to eat it.

  6. I am a dumb and happy american. I always feel that a nice serving of bovine excrement leaves me with a nice warm, fuzzy feeling, add to that a side of highly acceptable low quality goals and I am a happy guy. I disagree with the syrah....the very nature of excrement is aggressive acidity, thus leaving your wine a bit dull. I certainly don't want that...I'd recommend a nice Sauvignon Blac...only because excrement is herb based...in the sense that the ones serving the dish are high!