Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kidglove Goes Whoring for Votes

Here he goes again: Dr. Kidglove, who said "No" to the environmentally abominable Keystone XL pipeline, has now typically begun to say "yes" in increments.

Barack Obama is proving once again that he is incapable of staying true to principles because in fact he has no principles.  He is nothing more than a Chicago ward healer of the shabbiest kind: cross the right palms, wield the right baton, invoke the right names and anything is possible -- dead people voting, regulations winked at, rules broken, laws ignored, profits multiplied.

Whoring for votes, he has gone into oil country and promised to expedite the southern portion of the pipeline from Cushing, OK, to Port Arthur, TX.   Why in Hell build the terminal part of the vile thing unless you intend to build it all?

“The Gulf Coast leg would add to the fossil fuel infrastructure at a time when we critically need to transition away from fossil fuels in order to avoid climate catastrophe,” said Noah Greenwald of the Center for Biological Diversity. “Just like Keystone I, the Gulf Coast leg of Keystone XL will spill, polluting land and water and ruining important habitat . . ."

Milquetoast! What about people's health, the contamination of water tables?

“The president’s support for this pipeline is troubling,” said Greenwald. “Keystone XL may be a boon to Big Oil companies in the exporting business but those profits will come at a stiff price for our land, water, wildlife and climate.”

Another way of saying this: "The President has fucked the People of the United States so that the richest corporations in the history of money can become still more profitable."

Greenwald again: “The American people have spoken clearly against this project. Building Keystone XL in pieces doesn’t make it any less dangerous.”

The Three Stooges seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency have increasingly blathered about how Obama is at fault for the increasing price of gasoline at the pump.  Rather than doing the courageous thing -- confronting this egregious lie for what it is -- Kidglove once again has "compromised" with his opposition.  His version of compromise once was known -- and still ought to be -- as "unconditional surrender."  He'll let Exxon, Chevron, Shell and the other fossil fuel criminals have their polluting, killer pipeline; you and I will get a dime or even a quarter off the price of a gallon of gas.   Big Oil's profits will rise by 10 or 25 billion dollars.

In fact, any literate human with the capacity to reason slightly beyond 2 + 2 knows perfectly well that Wall Street  speculators and hedge fund managers have driven up the price of gas at the pump.  And you and I know damned well that if you took down the names of those speculators and hedge fund managers, and fed them into the data base for Republican campaign contributions, you'd hit  the bloody trifecta.  These unregulated hooligans have a license to steal from us, the people, thanks to the right-wing Republican congress and the contumely of Citizens United, and Dr. Kidglove's gutless unwillingness to be a real President.

We elected these scoundrels.  Hey, Shylock: Carve another pound or so off our fleshy asses. We get what we deserve.



  1. If Gore was "Father of the Internet" then I guess that makes Obama "Father of the Etch-a-sketch".

    Actually 2012 should result in fewer commercials on who is a flip flopper because Obama and Romney hold a Phd.

    Obama has no business experience and has proven this in both his economics decision making and the minions that surround him for advice.

    Putting aside Wall Street profits, do we put all our confidence in Romney, who did bring Salt Lake City Olympics back to profitablity? Do we fall for another individiual that preaches CHANGE!

    Obama's greatest accomplishments he boasts of:
    1) Healthcare Affordability Act (yet because it was forced through, he like Pelosi have no idea what effect it will have on the future).
    2) Osama Bin Laden - While he deserves credit for giving the go ahead to go into Pakistan and kill Bin Laden, the elite group of Navy Seal troops should get the majority of credit for success.
    3) Leaving Iraq - "non-combat troops" remain in Iraq. Many troops pulled out were sent to Afganistan and Africa. Is Bush responsible for troops in Africa and the non-war in Lybia?

    ETCH-A-SKETCH....FLIP-FLOP....What will be the next buzz word for INCOMPETANT. We need the DAMN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT out of our lives. I feel Obama and his minions are not an option, yet I am not sold Romney is the answer either.

  2. Just today, Kucinich sent a message to his supporters saying his "education in losing and then winning has empowered me never to fear defeat."

    Today I feel lighter, joyful, liberated by a familiar sense of onrushing possibilities as embodied in these lines from one of Elizabeth's and my favorite films, lines that Elizabeth spoke as vows to me when we married almost seven years ago:

    "Knowing love, I will allow all things to come and go. To be as supple as the wind, and take everything that comes with great courage. My heart is as open as the sky. Life is right in any case."

  3. Southern leg of XP pipeline to appease voters in Fall 2012 to make it look like he gives a sh_t about us while he tanks up Air Force 1 to fly around at $200,000/hr. Campaigning and in a limmo?

    Goes on air about the tragic killing of a young man in Florida, never a word about gang activity in Chicago with 47 shot and 10 dead in his home town!

    2 year mark of healthcare act and CBO now est. It will cost $1.9 trillion vs. Original $900 billion? And he says nothing?

    Stop the comparisons to Jimmie Carter. Jimmie only served 1 term and has 4 years left. Bring back the peanut farmer and get rid of the joker in DC.