Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Examining the Bond of Hatred

Since the Far Right and its Christofascist allies took over the Republican party, I have been searching for the Common Denominator, the central factor that drew these bedfellows together and fuels their political passions.

I think I've found it: hatred. Herewith a partial list of what the Far Right hates:


Women who have fun.

Women who earn equal pay with men for equal work.

Women who have sex.


Liberals who have sex.

Women and liberals who have fun having sex.

Sex. (The immaculate conception theory has special appeal for conservatives.)

Brown people.

Black people.

Red (native American) people.

People who talk funny.

People with funny ideas (examples: "All men are created equal." "All men are endowed with certain inalienable rights.")

People who don't believe in the existence of gods.

People who worship different gods.

People who worship the same god but in a different manner.

People who don't worship at all.

All religions except fundamental Christianity.

Adequate, affordable health care for anyone We hate.

Decent living conditions for anyone We hate.

Decent pay for anyone We hate.

Black people in white houses.  There's a reason  it's called the White House.

People who think government has an obligation to help people We hate, such as the poor, people of color, immigrants, non-English speakers.

People who think government should be on the side of all the people, not just very rich people.

People who understand the difference between Good Law and Bad Law and advocate for the Rule of Law.

People who understand the nuances of language and thought and respect them. They're called Elites and they should be kicked off the bus.


Scientific facts that contradict Our Cherished Beliefs. 

Science that tells inconvenient truths.

Truth of any kind.

Progress.  The bad old days are good enough for Us.

People who oppose Our Wars.  You gotta Support Our Troops by sending them to a new Vietnam every couple of years. 

Me.  But, like FDR, I welcome their hatred.


  1. Humm...sounds like the opposite of the Democrats who seem to want in to our pants and our homes.

    Their Communistic ways of controlling healthcare, home loan lending, energy policies, contraception, and the like are a definite contrast.

    Humm...family values vs. Family controls. There are extremists on each side!

  2. http://hatemonitor.csusb.edu/index.htm