Wednesday, February 8, 2017

No More Palaver! Act!

The signs of the country’s descent into fascist dictatorship are clear and unmistakeable.

There are only three forces that might stop it and no one in itself is powerful enough to do so,  They must work somewhat in concert.

The three forces are the courts, an opposition party and massive citizen resistance.

With the very fate of the republic in the balance, we await a decision by the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that is far larger than the narrow issue that is before it: whether to continue a district judge’s restraining order against the minority president’s Muslim travel ban decree. The larger issue, of course, is the constitutional separation of powers.  

In his very first days in office, the would-be dictator has made clear his intentions to usurp the law-making powers of of Congress and turn it into a rubber stamp for his whims and tweets.  At the same time, he has dismissed the judiciary as a witless gaggle of “so-called” judges who are "so political.  Sad."  Consequently, the Ninth Circuit must affirm the separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary.  The case would then go to the Supreme Court. There, Justices Alito and Thomas are probably beyond hope, but the Chief Justice and Justice Kennedy might recognize the constitutional threat and join in a 6-2  decision upholding the Ninth and Judge Robart’s original TRO. These are reasonable hopes at a time of crisis of such magnitude — but they are mere hopes, not even probabilities.

By such a thread our republic hangs.

The second force that might possibly block the path to dictatorship is an opposition party.  The closest thing we have to an opposition party is the Democrats.  They are an undisciplined ragtag of spineless wimps and paid-for dupes of the corporate oligarchy.  But they’re all we have.  Yesterday, they  stood by as the Republican thugs in the Senate stifled debate on a nomination to a key cabinet post.  This was a case of jackbooted Naziism on the part of McConnell and his fellow bullies.  The Democrats have got to begin using the feeble strategies available to them to stand up to the regime.  If they filibuster, the regime will answer with a parliamentary maneuver called the “nuclear option.”  So be it.  At least they will have mounted an opposition.  They should attempt quorum calls to block nominations of unfit rich people to cabinet posts.  Yes, the Republicans have enough votes — barely — to establish a quorum in the Senate.  But the calls would at least delay the nominations.  And who knows?  Maybe some better angel will smite a Republican or two with the sword of enlightenment, and they will be denied a quorum.  This is not even a hope.  It is desperate prayer, a Hail Mary from 99 yards away with one second on the clock.

By such threads our republic hangs.

The last of the forces that might thwart the would-be dictator is massive citizen resistance.

Increasingly, in the weeks since the minority regime took over, the will for such resistance has been evident.  It was particularly visible in the recent women’s march, which drew large crowds even in bastions of right-wing sentiment.  It continues to seethe, ready to erupt.  Someone called for a general strike on Feb. 17, the Friday before the President’s Day holiday.  Someone else called for a big demonstration on March 8.  Now another someone is calling for a massive economic boycott (a good ideal) on President’s day itself, Feb. 20.

Stop playing games!  The resistance needs leadership, a semblance of organization.  Countless well-organized groups have vital stakes in opposing this despotic regime: Planned Parenthood, Code Pink, the environmental groups . . the list is “yuge,” to quote its favorite politician of the moment.  Can’t they fer gawd’s sakes talk to one another?  Pick a date — soon — and define a simple, mass effort  — economic boycott ought to be part of it — and issue a call to action.


The fate of the republic hangs in the balance.

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  1. Whenever it takes place, let the rallying cry be, "She persisted!"