Monday, February 20, 2017

America First! America First!

Fella came by the other day, said he was makin’ one of them polls.  “You still support Trump,” he ast me. “In spite of all what’s happened since the ‘lection?”

Well, I’m gonna tell you, I gave that sumbitch a piece of my mind.  I believe in America First, I told him.  And that’s why I believe in President Trump.  He’s got the balls to stand up for this-here country.  At last.

Now, ICE-ISS went and sunk the Maine at Bowling Green, Obama didn’t do a friggin’ thing.  Look back at yer lyin’ newspapers, You see anything there about killin’ any radical Islam for that massacre?  Not on your life.  Damned Kenyan didn’t do a friggin’ thing.  Turned the other cheek, is what he did.

Now this same fella came around last year, right after the TV showed Mr. Trump gettin’ off the bus, talkin’ about what it is women really want.  Said he was makin’ a poll, would my wife vote for Trump after what he said gettin’ off that bus?

Well, I said, I speak for her and I can tell you, she grew up around shops like the one I run right here, and she has heard far worse words than “pussy” back there and not be shocked, that’s the way guys talk, you know? Now, you had Bill Clinton gettin’ blow jobs right there in the Oval Office, and you had Crooked Hillary standing up for him, so now you’re goin’ after Trump because he talked about women wantin’ “it?”  A woman needs a real man, a man who’s got what it takes down south of his belt, if you get what I’m speakin’ about. That’s just natural and nothin’ to get offended about, if you look at it the right way, which is God made men and women different and so He created marriage to be between one man and one woman so that they could do what comes naturally. So I sent this poll guy a-packin’ back then, and I sent him packin’ when he came round again.  Some people got no common sense.

I’m sick of the damn media and their lies, even the so-called funny guys like on the late night shows, which I don’t really watch that much ‘cause the old cowboy shows on the other channel are much better.  John Wayne and Audie Murphy and guys like that, standin’ off the blood-thirsty red savages, you can bet they wouldn’t put up with these radical Muslims today.  President Trump won’t stand for ‘em either which is why I stand with him on that wall and on his order to keep the Muslims out of this country.  Now you got some so-called Judges thinkin’ they can take the law into their own hands, defy our President, and keep the door open to radical Islam terrorists to come into Orlando and San Bernardino like they went  into Sweden, killin’ everybody in sight for their Allah Gee-Had or their Koran or whatever.  We can’t let that shit into our country no more, and if the so-called judges don’t like it, let them find another country.

Somebody had to stand up to those judges which they were out of control, and shut up the lyin’ media, which they are also way out of control. We needed a strong man, who proved his strength by becoming a successful billionaire in business, to take the damned government socialism out of our lives.  I mean I put up my house and everything I had to get the loan to start up this little business of mine, and I got six employees back there in the shop what are makin’ good wages, and now Obama comes along and says I gotta buy health insurance for them?  Let them get a loan like I did.  Besides, we pay our hard-earned dollars to the insurance people and they use it to pay the doctor bills of your Nigrahs, and your Mexican rapists, and your ragheads.  Now I’m not sayin’ all blacks is too lazy and shiftless to go out and get a job and pay their own health care, but, hey, just look at the lines for the unemployment checks, look in the welfare office lobbies, look at what color you see, or what languages you hear bein’ talked, and you know what I mean.  I’m tired of payin’ the way for them so I’m with President Trump.  All the way.  Now some people say well, he’s too cozy with Russia, but you know what?  Russians are white, like us, and they pay their own way, not like the old Europeans, who also is white but not white like us, and if they don’t wanna pull their own weight, well, then, fuck NATO and fuck Europe, is all I can say.  We saved their sorry asses in two goddam world wars and we ain’t gonna save ‘em again.

So I sent that poll faggot a-packin’ and I bet he won’t come around here again.  He’s like all those tree-huggers and libtards and whiners and losers.  They just don’t know what it takes to make America great again.

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