Friday, January 27, 2017

Milquetoast to the Rescue? C'mon, Man!

Face it, sane Americans, neither the Democratic party nor any of its elected officials is going to save the country from the insanity of its new regime.

The evidence is in the Senate, where the best and the brightest of the Democrats have already voted to approve unqualified nominees to cabinet posts.

Elizabeth Warren, the favorite of many lefties to run for president next time around, joined other “leaders” like Cory Booker and Sherrod Brown in voting for Ben Carson to be secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  They actually supported a fruitcake who:

—Believes that tax relief for poor people is “condescending.”

—Says that the Affordable Care Act is “like slavery.”

—Thinks a president can ignore the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality.

—Suggested that if bakers were “forced” to make wedding cakes for gay marriages, they might put poison in them.

—Said the police should never be criticized because it would make them “too timid” to do their jobs.

The Democrats’ so-called leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, voted for the CIA nominee, Mike Pompeo, who wants to resume torturing people suspected of sympathizing with “terrorists.”

Kirsten Gillibrand, who many Democrats believe is presidential timber, voted for the utterly unqualified, anti-education, anti-abortion Carolinian Nikki Haley to become ambassador to the United Nations.

These are not opposition “leaders.”  These are Quislings.

When Obama was president, Republicans in absolute solidarity shut down the government, refused even to consider judicial nominations, and sent treasonous letters to foreign heads of state to block perfectly legal efforts at governance.

Yet even at the highest levels, Democrats lack the spine to play similar hardball against the most kakistocratic regime ever to take power in this country.

Like the party’s most recent candidate for president, none of these Democrats is worthy of the support of citizens who want their country to do right by its people and all of humanity.

Hang “Resist” banners from every tall place in the country.  March thousands strong in protest every day. Knit a billion pink hats with cats’ ears and print two billion clever protest signs.  If all that you achieve is the election of a few more Democrats like these, there is no hope for this country.  No hope at all.

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