Saturday, December 10, 2016

Team of Reptiles

As we watch the Pussy-Grabber construct his cabinet, we are in fact watching the step-by-step process of building a dictatorship.

Did you notice the Gestapo-style witch hunt to root out every employee of the Environmental Protection Agency who ever worked on climate science?  The top snake at the EPA will be Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general who has a record of attacking every environmental protection the EPA is supposed to enforce.  He has received nearly half a million dollars in campaign contributions from the fossil fuel polluters. He is a prosecutor and a litigator.  Do you suppose the climate science people from the EPA will not be simply fired, but sent to Gitmo or to a black hole next to the police academy outside of Warsaw?

I suspect that the Pussy-Grabber had never heard of many of the people he is appointing to his team of reptiles. He likes the idea of BEING president, getting his puffy mug on magazine covers, but he doesn’t relish the prospect of DOING the hard work presidents are supposed to do.  He leaves that to Bannon, Hughes (Goering, Goebbels) and the other scum who are turning over rocks to find these creatures for him.  Once they are in place, he will let the reptiles run the government while he promotes his businesses and figures out new ways to hoodwink the common folk.

Already, foreign leaders who figure chumminess with Donald is the new way for the rich to get much richer are flocking to Washington to pay $850 and up per night to stay in the new Trump hotel within spitting distance of the White House (which is too shabby for the Pussy-Grabber to make it his permanent presidential residence. But he’ll maintain an office there, presumably.) How like a tawdry banana republic! Stay in bossman’s hotel.  Ride in bossman’s helicopter.  Kiss bossman’s patootie.  Beg bossman’s table leavings.  Get rich.

As for the Pussy-Grabber himself, we’ll probably never know how rich he is — or isn’t. As The Wall Strreet Journal reported recently:

President-elect Donald Trump owns a helicopter in Scotland. To be more precise, he has a revocable trust that owns 99% of a Delaware limited liability company that owns 99% of another Delaware LLC that owns a Scottish limited company that owns another Scottish company that owns the 26-year-old Sikorsky S-76B helicopter, emblazoned with a red “TRUMP” on the side of its fuselage. Across Mr. Trump’s business, he uses a similar web of privately held LLCs and other entities to house his assets—everything from real estate to a vintage carousel in Manhattan’s Central Park, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of hundreds of pages of his corporate filings and personal financial disclosures. Fifteen entities, for example, are used to hold his interests in two airplanes and three helicopters.

Does an honest man need such complex entanglements?  I think not.  I think they are designed to hide things the leader-to-be doesn’t want known about himself, his businesses and his methods.

Some think that what he’s hiding is his massive debt, which would prove that he’s not as rich as he wants everyone to believe he is. A friend who messes with big numbers for a living writes:

He claims to be a billionaire several times over, so let's be generous and give him $4-5 billion…that's 4-5 thousand million dollars! So why does a guy worth that much go to the trouble of selling stock last June worth a measly $85 million?  And this a few months before he won the nomination. He had to know that in the unlikely event he won the big prize, the presidency, everything he owns would rocket up in value. So the big question is, why was he so desperate to sell six months ago?  The only logical explanation is some creditor was holding his feet to the fire and he didn't want a raft of bad publicity that would expose his net worth for what it is--a house or cards held up by lots ofdebt.  Also, is he so hard up for cash he signs up again to produce 'The Apprentice'? I hope some little guy down in the bowels of the IRS who wears a green visor and never sees the light of day works up the courage to sneak his tax return(s) out and expose him for what he is--damn near broke.

A dictator doesn’t have to worry about mundane things like debt,  creditors and such.  He he can toss scientists into the clink for citing facts he doesn’t like; he can Tweet dissenters into oblivion; he can rile his followers into mobs; he can send creditors into exile.  He can do whatever he damned pleases to the country and its people.  Soon, his team of reptiles will be doing exactly that on his behalf.  Get used to it.

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