Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How Now Brown Cow?

As the Pussy-Grabber assembles his cabinet and administration, it becomes increasingly clear that the democratic republic of the United States is breathing its last.

The dysfunctional mish-mash that emerges will be as much a puzzle to the rest of the world as it will be a disaster for its resident small-r republicans.

At some point the millions who voted sanely will reach the point of willingness to join an armed insurrection.  Only then will they realize that it’s impossible,  Literally all the firepower will be on the other side, in the hands of the vengeance-crazed supporters of the regime and the militarized, racist police.

Consider the  enormous military force the authorities brought to bear on the unarmed, peaceful protesters at Standing Rock, who were seeking only to protect their drinking water from pollution by pipeline.  Now imagine if millions, armed only with axe-handles and bolt-action .22s manufactured half a century ago, sought to overturn the Pussy-Grabber’s regime by violent protest.

First there would be the massacre, the slaughter of the activists.  Then. as the Pussy-Grabber promised during his campaign, their families would be rounded up and tortured and slain. What remained of the citizenry would be forever cowed, heiling the white supremacist bullies running the zoo.

What recourse other than a doomed insurrection offers a ray of hope to the poor souls inhabiting this nightmare?

Precious little.  Even as the Pussy-Grabber clumsily puts together his team of rogues, the so-called opposition party is a raffle of fools and weaklings floundering like beached whales.  While the Pussy-Grabber rounds up monied thugs to tear apart the very departments (health, education, public safety) they are ostensibly meant to manage, the Democrat party struggles pitifully to “rebuild”  in the wake of the electoral disaster it has just inflicted upon itself.  Having shot itself in the foot, it will try to make a better holster.

What the country really needs is a viable left that will seriously and effectively oppose the worst threat to democracy in the history of the nation.  Each day that passes without intense efforts to form such a coalition diminishes the chances of its ever happening.

Thus, absent an effective opposition, the Pussy-Grabber will quickly acquire absolute dictatorial power over the country.  Almost certainly he will eventually sail his ship of fools into global war.  

The consequences are too terrible to imagine, although many have tried.  Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “The Road” offers the most optimistic scenario.  Read it and weep.  Weep for the America you grew up in.

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