Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Donald's Good Pal, Nigel

The Pussy-Grabber has made an unprecedented incursion into the affairs of a sovereign foreign government by calling for the United Kingdom to appoint Nigel Farage as ambassador to the United States.

The UK has refused.

Farage and the Pussy-Grabber are birds of a feather.

Farage led the campaign to take Britain out of the European Union (Brexit).  

He is a climate change denier.  When Prince Charles appeared before the European parliament to urge it to take a leadership role in the battle against climate change, Farage, a member of the parliament, remained seated during the standing ovation for the prince’s speech.

Like Donald, Farage believes that so-called “legal tax avoidance” is smart.  He has diverted income into private companies and into offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes, and, like the Pussy-Grabber, refuses to release his tax returns while running for public office.

He’s a big fan of coal power despite its harmful effects on the environment and public health.  Like the right-wing neanderthals of the U.S., he opposes wind power as ”disgusting ugly windmills.”

Like the Pussy-Grabber, he uses the word “disgusting” frequently in dismissing critics.

Farage says there is no link between handgun ownership and crime,  even though most responsible studies attribute the UK’s low violent crime rate to its strict control of handgun ownership.

Farage fantasizes the existence of “a fifth column” of Islamic extremists determined to destroy the United Kingdom.  He approves of Donald’s proposed strategy of internment for Muslims in the United States.

When the Pussy-Grabber’s infamous remarks demeaning women became public, Farage excused them as “alpha male boasting.”  

He  describes himself in Trumpian terms: “quite ballsy, good on a platform, unafraid of the limelight, a bit noisy and good at selling things.”  He is an alcoholic stockbroker’s son who, even as a high school student, was identified by a teacher as having strong “racist and fascist leanings.”

Bannon.  Flynn.  Gingrich.  Giuliani.  Sessions.  Putin.  Farage.  Donald’s kind of guys.

Is there any hope of saving the republic?

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  1. Farage is a reptile. -- A Yank in the U.K.