Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When Idiots Win the Propaganda War

In the United States, you get what you pay for. Want to own a corrupt politician?  Take your pick of anyone in Congress. Party affiliation doesn’t matter.  Greed is no respecter of party lines.

Polls show a majority of Americans are now opposed to the P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran.  That’s the return on millions of dollars invested by AIPAC, the Israeli lobby that has even more clout in Washington than the National Rifle Association, and gazillionaires like Sheldon Adelson, to perpetuate fiction intended to kill the deal.

Spouting ghastly metaphors ("marching to the oven door") and outright lies (“20 violations of international agreements by Iran”) the bought-and-paid-for pols and their fellow whores in the mainstream media have won the propaganda battle.

They'll continue to spew their AIPAC talking points until they've squeezed the last squirt of ink out of them, then vote their disapproval of the agreement.  President Obama will veto whatever they pass, and maybe the idiots will come up with enough votes to override, maybe not.

Either way, it’s questionable how much the baying idiots in congress can actually accomplish with regard to the deal.  It has already been approved by the UN Security Council, clearing the way for member nations to lift their economic sanctions on Iran.  The actions of the U.S. Congress mean zilch to the rest of the world.  Other nations can go ahead and lift their sanctions and free their investor class to pour money into Iran, where a thriving middle class has emerged despite the sanctions. Congress can keep the U.S. sanctions in place, but if other nations leap to do business with Iran, some of the very American oligarchs who own Congress will miss out on a chance to tap a profitable new market.  I can’t imagine they’d be happy.

If the Congressional review of the Vienna agreement were being conducted solely on the merits of the deal itself, the opposition would be dead in the water.  The United States and its negotiating partners have gained more oversight of Iran’s nuclear program than they had before the deal was struck.  No nation in history has accepted  such constraints as those Iran has agreed to.  (“They have agreed to stop doing what they have never done,” one Mideast expert said.As Noam Chomsky put it, “What Iran ‘threat’?”) The P5+1, in return, gave up absolutely nothing that involves any significant risks to themselves or to their allies, including Israel. 

Thanks to insane Republicans and gutless Democrats in Congress, the United States increasingly stands alone among the world community in its ignorance, hegemony and recklessness.

So the polls show that Americans want congress to try to kill the Iran deal.

The same polls show that Americans give a higher approval rating to Donald Trump than to Pope Francis.

’Nuff said.

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  1. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. So many people don't have the time, won't make the time or don't know how to find reliable alternative news sources. They believe the propaganda on Iran, Ukraine, and Syria. I could go on and on. What worries me is the propaganda I still mistakenly believe!