Thursday, January 22, 2015

Foreign Policy Chief to Face Congress

The director of American foreign policy has been invited to address the United States Congress on Feb. 11.

Benjamin Netanyahu will order new sanctions on Iran and a new deadline for the Islamic republic to shut down all its nuclear facilities, ship all of its conventional arms to Israel and open its borders to

(2) Palestinian refugees from the Gaza who will be

(3) deported en masse to open the way for new Israeli settlements.

Bibi will also call for new sanctions against Russia unless Vladimir Putin agrees immediately to build  new direct pipelines to send oil and natural gas to Israel.  For free.

Among other instructions Netanyahu will give to the U.S. Congress:

—The American Israeli Political Action Committee shall be relieved of having to pay taxes.

—Non-Jewish Americans will be required to tithe to AIPAC.

—Muslim Americans will be required to serve two years unpaid servitude building homes for new Israeli settlers in the Gaza.

Bibi will require that the United States halt all arms deliveries, humanitarian aid, military aid and sale of Coca-Cola to Arab nations.

To avoid middleman costs, Bibi will require that all United States military equipment builders and arms manufacturers ship their products directly to Tel Aviv.  If it can prove genuine need on the basis of national security, Washington will be permitted to borrow some of them back.

Netanyahu will require that Republican senators renew their loyalty oaths each time they are sworn back into office for a new term.  Democrats will be required to do so semi-annually.  Members of the House of Representatives will simply continue to vote for the legislation handed to them by their AIPAC lobbyists.

It’s a simple, forthright agenda.  Presenting it won’t take very long.

Bibi will spend the rest of his time in Congress passing up and down the rows of desks carrying his hat in his hand.  It is to be filled with large-denomination currency.  Cash, U.S. The language Republicans understand.

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