Saturday, June 21, 2014

Seeing Red, But No Evil

Good thing we’re not putting boots on the ground in Iraq again; those troops we’re sending are just advisors, like the ones we sent to Vietnam in 1962.  But unlike Vietnam, Iraq is not another quagmire, from which we can not extricate ourselves.

Heavens no!

The current mess in Iraq is all Obama’s fault. Dubyuh accomplished the mission  there but Obama screwed it up.  The untried war criminal and notorious truth-teller Dick (Darth Vader) Cheney has been resurrected from his tomb of infamy and welcomed on talk TV to tell us, again, how we actually won the war with a surge. But Obama pulled our troops out, on the insane idea that perhaps we shouldn’t suffer any more military casualties over there, and look what happened. The ISIS happened, a Sunni invasion of “our” Iraq, using arms we gave to the good guys in Syria.  What’s that? The ISIS guys in Iraq are the same guys as the good guys in Syria? Well, hell, don’t blame Cheney if all ragheads look alike. Or the CIA.  Where would our economy be if the CIA didn’t keep endless wars going to enrich the defense industry oligarchs?

Remember Sadam’s WMDs that threatened to vaporize us into a mushroom cloud? Remember Colin Powell’s proof positive to the U.N. that turned out to be laundry trucks? Remember the Downing Street Memo, wherein American intelligence was cooked to fit pre-ordained policy?  Well, it was either fight ‘em over there or fight ‘em over here, right? And when we piped 2 or 3 trillion taxpayer dollars into the Iraq quag-, er, “victory,” who knew that we were going to have a debt crisis?  Besides, the debt crisis was Obama’s fault.

After all, BENGHAZI!  

Now we’re considering a partnership with Iran to fix things in Iraq.  Things that we broke.  Iran is shiite and our puppet government in Iraq is shiite but the ISIS invaders are Sunni, and so Iran seems to be inclined to help out.

Meanwhile, in Vienna, America and its allies are trying to force peace down Iran’s throat at a conference about Iran’s nuclear capability.  Iran has a bunch of centrifuges, which it uses to make fuel for nuclear power plants, of which it has several and intends to build more.  But our scientific genius, John Kerry, allows as how, left to its own devices, Iran could maybe perhaps in, oh, eleventy-six months or so, convert that peaceful use of enriched uranium into a warlike use of it, and maybe even produce . . . . .a single atomic weapon! How many have we got? Russia?Pakistan? Israel? Never mind, if Iran gets one, it will be a threat to world peace.

Except in Iraq.  There, if it allies with the great humanitarian state of Amerika, it would be a peacemaker, centrifuges and all.

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