Saturday, June 7, 2014

Let Freedom Shoot . . . er, Ring!

After a brief flirtation with knives, Amerika is back to killing its children the Constitutional way, with firearms. Most recently, in Seattle, a guy toted a shotgun into a small Christian college and asserted his Second Amendment rights, killing one young man and wounding three other people.

As the great American philosopher, Joe the Plumber (who is not named Joe and is not a plumber) asserted, “Your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights.”  Praise Wayne LaPierre and pass the ammunition! Now there’s a patriot!

We had the NRA worried for a while when we went on a little spree of killing kids with knives: two on an elevator in Brooklyn;  a 12-year-old in Wisconsin stabbed 19 times by two friends, also 12; and the biggie, the 16-year-old who rampaged through his high school in Murrysville, PA, stabbing 22 people.

Gun-lovers’ lawyers huddled in emergency session, trying to determine if knives were “arms” in Second Amendment terms.  Invitations were ready to print asking cutlery manufactures to join the NRA’s lobbying effort with new fistfuls of cash. False alarm.  As abruptly as the heresy arose, it ended, and guns regained their rightful place as the weapon of choice for killing kids.

In 2014 there have been 25 school shootings in the United States, leaving 17 dead and 32 wounded.

Whoopee!  What a resounding statement in support of our constitutional rights.

Even gun owners are  only human.  They’re not perfect.  Every statement of Second Amendment solidarity can’t be a Columbine or a Newtown.  Although Elliot Rodger killed only seven the other day in Isla Vista, CA, he also wounded 13 and staged two pretty good gunfights with the cops.  Not bad for a 22-year-old.

Episodes like this, thank Charlton Heston, make it clear that the torch will be passed to a new generation of shooters. You try to take away our guns, you’ll get what's comin' to you. Couple of well-placed rounds. Cliven Bundy ain’t the only patriot in this country, not by a long shot.  Or a short shot.

It’s why the good ol’ USA is the Light of the Free World.

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