Thursday, February 28, 2013

The U.S. Shootings Update

Today's daily shootings news is from North Carolina, Texas and California.
A student at Coastal Carolina University has died after a shooting near the campus in Conway, NC.
Anthony Darnell Liddell, 19,  of Bennettsville died after the shooting at University Place residence hall. Police are hunting the shooter who fired four or five shots about 7:30 p,m,. Tuesday.
A public school employee was  shot and wounded  near Tyler, TX, during a  training session aimed toward arming school district employees. A student and a gun safety instructor were working with a malfunctioning weapon when it misfired.  The bullet struck a school maintenance worker in the leg.
A statement from the schools superintendent said, "The accident will not affect the district’s decision, in light of the Sandy Hook massacre and other school shootings, to arm employees."
Yesterday, two police officers were shot to death in Santa Cruz, CA.  A resident describes Santa Cruz as "a peaceful community of artists and hippies and vegans." 
The alleged killer of Sergeant Loren (Butch) Baker  and his partner, Detective Elizabeth Butler,  had previous arrests for sexual assault and carrying a concealed weapon. The San Jose Mercury News reports that he had three guns registered to him, including a .40-caliber semi-automatic Sig Sauer.
More than 2,000 Americans have died by gunshot since Sandy Hook.

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  1. Praise the Lord for media members like Bob Woodward. While considered one of the liberal media, he is a reporter and an investigator. He has been chastised by many of his fellow liberal members of the media by dare questioning our President and his team. The "media darlings" that worship any president including our present one should take a lesson. Lieing to produce an effect was chastised against President Bush, yet President Obama continues to get a get out of jail free card.

    To your and many of the anti-gun advocates there is two sides to the stories. Mr. Pianist I respect you, yet you seem to be following the media darling prospect in pulling the guns out of Amercan's hands. Emotion needs to be pulled out of the discussion and arrive at legitimate prospective guides that address the days of present weapons vs. those that existed when the Constitution was written.

    As for number of gun deaths, do you also include gang warfare such as in Chicago, do you include illegal immigrant violence, do you address the involvement of drugs in our communities, do you address the lack of chidren growing up with both their parents, and do you deal making all our people working instead of living off welfare?

    Praise Bob Woodward for doing what Washington can not do. Work and report bipartisanly!