Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Worst President Strikes Again

Barack Hussein Obama, you have sealed your fate in history.  As long as a single sane, humanitarian voice remains to speak truth in this benighted land, you will go down as the very worst president the nation has ever had.

I don't know what motivated your latest capitulation to the handmaidens of corporate America, but it certainly was not your vaunted intellect.  Only an utter fool would think that our sick economy can be turned around by taking from the poor and the needy and giving to the rich.  But that is exactly what you have done in your concessions to House Speaker Boehner regarding the scarecrow perniciously called the "fiscal cliff."

My private opinion is that you are driven by cowardice and a desperate, sick need to prove yourself worthy of your high office to the elite, the oligarchs, the warmakers and the oppressors of the common people -- the relative handful who really run the country.

If I live to be a hundred, I cannot wash away the filth from the hand that cast my ballot for your second term.  I bought the canard that a vote for one of the worthy third-party candidates would in effect be a vote for Mitt Romney, and that somehow a Romney presidency would be even worse than a second Obama term.  You are peas in the same pod.  Liars both, although you disguise your lies more skillfully than the man who challanged you. Warmakers both, but you make a vile mockery of the Nobel Prize that was undeservedly conferred upon you.  Killer of women and children with your drones.  Torturer.  Repealer of the Bill of Rights.  Spyer upon your people.  Hider of ugly and terrible secrets.

Now you and your fellow connivers will market your latest sell-out of the common people as an "adjustment" in "entitlements" rather than what it is: viciously slashing  the safety net that millions upon millions of Americans need in order to eat, breathe, have modest shelter over their heads, get treatment for their most pressing illnesses. You would let the modest tax relief for middle-class wage-erarners lapse, while coddling the millionaires and billionaires -- many of whom themselves vainly challenged you to raise their taxes!

How can you stoop so low?  How can you allow yourself to grovel at the feet of right wing extremists who have no interest other than the obscene profits of their corporate masters?  How can you callously urinate on not just the dreams and aspirations, but the quotidian needs of the very people who elected you?

Never has a man so besmirched the highest office in the land.  The crimes of your predecessor pale in comparison to your betrayals of the masses, of basic human ethics, of human rights, of civil liberties, of truth and decency.

You, sir, are a disgrace to your race.  The human race.

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