Tuesday, February 14, 2012

These Are the Damned Fools Who Will Prod Us into War

It really is "the gang that couldn't shoot straight," this gaggle of whackos, nincompoops and used-car hustlers Israel has enlisted to to do terrorism that can be blamed on Iran.

The clumsiness of its ill-trained surrogates must irritate the hell out of the Mossad's real pros. In fact, the performances by the the goofballs tasked with "justifying" Israel's forthcoming war on Iran are fooling nobody, except possibly Joe Liebermann and the rest of the AIPAC-owned pols in Congress.

Take, for example, the recent botched bombings in India, Georgia and now Thailand.  For two days Israel has thundered about this "evidence" that Iranian "terrorists" have targeted "Israelis and Israeli interests."  The U.S. media promptly became an echo chamber for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak. On NBC last night, Brian Williams and Jim Miklaszewski were so het up about the Iran "threat" that I ran outside and scanned the skies for Persian missiles.  Only the U.S. Fifth Fleet, they warned me, stands between Iran and "the rest of the world."

In Washington, a State Department briefing called attention to  Monday's incidents in India and Georgia, and ominously connected them to recent "Iranian-sponsored" and "Hezbollah-linked" plots to attack Israeli and Western interests in Azerbaijan and Thailand.

Never mind that Will Hartley, chief terrorism expert at Jane's in London, said the attacks in India, Georgia and Thailand "have all been highly amateurish, and lack the sophistication that would normally be expected from an operation executed by either Hezbollah or Iran's own external operations wing, the Quds Force."

Never mind that a Thai government official said "we need more analysis" to determine who was behind the attack in Bangkok and whether Iran was involved.

Israeli media also reported that Mossad teams are in Bangkok and New Delhi to investigate the recent explosions. What chutzpah!  Imagine if Iran had sent Quds teams into Oklahoma City when the federal building was bombed!

One of the "terrorists" in Bangkok blew off his own damned leg! And we thought the Texas hustler was a nutso for laying a ton of hit money on a guy who was under cover for  United States narcs in a drug investigation. If this is the quality of "spy" and "terrorist" Iran is siccing on Israel and "the rest of the world," where's the "threat?"  Bring the Fleet home and wait for Iran to self-destruct.

Ah, but Bibi Netanyahu and his buds in Congress are in no mood to wait .  An Israeli journalist reported -- probably accurately -- that Bibi's government wants to start obliterating Iran no later than April.  If that happens, you can bet Washington will be "all in" by May.

"USA! USA!  USA! .  . . "Support Our Troops!" . . . "United We Stand!" . . .

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  1. both US and israel (our 'mini me') hae vigorous moderate/left wing contingents. vive tzipi livni, a likud alternative. meanwhile, post-newt,casino mogul sheldon adelson (8th richest fellow in US) will pour millions into ANY GOP ticket. he is affiliated with a deep south newsletter which admits that mossad "has already considered" assassination obama as a "solution" to the likud's frustration with US. adelson deeply apologized for wearing a US uniform in WWII (on record) because he wished he could have worn, in stead, an israeli uniform. i draw a BRIGHT line between J street and AIPAC, and so does this administration -- hence, all of the above.