Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Owed to Frankie Luntz, Frightened Republican

"I'm so scared of this anti-Wall Street effort. I'm frightened to death. They're having an impact on what the American people think of capitalism."--Frank Luntz, Republican word-twister and strategist.

Little Frankie Luntz
Is known for bully stunts,
For wiggle words
And crafty grunts;
For lies and fibs and prevarications.
He's not a dunce,
This Frankie Luntz --
He invented the Tea Party!
He's such a smarty
That if he's on guard he
Must have reason for perturbation.

Frankie's quarrel?
"Capitalism's immoral,"
Some Occupiers say.
These heretics
Seem to get their kicks
By disparaging The American Way.
What's good for the Street
We must repeat and repeat
Is good for the working class, too.
People! To avoid being crass you
Must quit making waves right away!

Frankie, Frankie,
Why so fraidy cat?
Those women who sat
Weren't all Democrat
So why did the cops have to spray them?
And as for the books
The policemen took,
The paper may burn
But the ideas return
So nothing comes of your mayhem.

Little Frankie Luntz,
For all his bully stunts,
Hasn't a clue
Why people do
Things like Occupy Wall Street.
He's never been a renter
(He's a one percenter)
Who can't pay the lease
(The job's overseas)
And whose debt is set in concrete.

So quiver and cringe,
Frankie Luntz.
The outraged "mobs"
Simply want jobs
To feed the kids and pay the bills.
Choke on your lies,
You miserable guys,
Suffer your fears,
Swallow your tears;
How'd YOU like to work in the mills?

1 comment:

  1. If Frankie is that bad then he will have a future career on MSLSD (nbc afiliate) where all the pundits that can not work anywhere else go.

    Maybe Ed Shultz can teach him to be another Keith Oberman or Martin Bashier. Damn it....where's Michael Jackson when you need him for ratings?

    Let's give Frankie his big break. He can find out how much our president had cost us staying in Martha's vineyard, Hawaii, and campaigning for jobs that he did not care about the 1st 2 years. Oops you would never hear that on MSLSD!