Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank Heavens for Green Chile Roasting

They've started roasting the green chile here in southern New Mexico.  This produces one of the great food aromas in the world, like baking bread or fresh-brewed coffee or grandma's roladen.

All great chefs understand the importance of the olfactory element in  food.  So, too, do dogs, often with results that displease their human companions.

A few fortunate folks have developed keen olfactory skills for political odors, as well,.  In this country they're called liberals.  Every now and then they catch a political aroma like green chile roasting.  More often than not, in these United States, what they smell is rotten meat.

They are underwhelmed of late by a really bad stink on the wings of the winds out of Texas.  Gov. Goodhair, as he was dubbed by the late, great Molly Ivins, wants to be our President.

Honest Injun!  THAT Gov. Goodhair.

The one whose only policy decision about the state's record, impoverishing drought was, "pray for rain." (It didn't work.)

The one who brags about the "Texas miracle" of increasing jobs during the recession, whereas in fact in true job creation data Texas ranks last among the 50.

The one who has compelled the state's history teachers to tell their pupils that Newt Gingrich and Phyllis Schlaffly are "great Americans," whereas Martin Luther King and Caesar Chavez are not.

The one who primed his base for his presidential run by staging a great pray-in featuring some of the most whacko, racist, ill-informed Christofascists on the face of the earth.

The one who set the all-time gubernatorial record for executing prisoners who suffered from mental disability.

Ramblin' Rick thinks he can pull Texas out of the union with a stroke of his pen; calls Social Security and Medicare unconstitutional and -- get this -- thinks the way to get this country moving again is to suspend ALL Federal laws and regulations. And one of his lesser gaffes: Fed Chief  Ben Bernanke commits "treason" when he takes even mild regulatory action to keep the country solvent.

In Iowa, a handful of kooks got together in Ames to eat pork tenders and proclaim Michelle Bachmann, a Minnesota congressperson, their favorite for the Republican presidential nomination. This makes her Gov. Goodhair's principal rival.

What a pair!

Bachmann could improve her knowledge of her country's history by studying even Goodhair's cockeyed version of it.  Last I heard she thought Paul Revere crossed the Delaware to warn Manchester, NH, that the British were comin', which alerted Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain boys to win the battle of Lafayette, Ind.  Something like that.

She and her hubby made their little fortune by praying homosexual people into heterosexuality, the way God intended it.  Maybe her contest with Goodhair will come down to a praying contest.  What a choice to inflict on God!

Meanwhile, vile odors waft unto us from Minnesota and from Texas.  Fortunately, they come together right at the point of heavy green chile roasting, which neutralizes them.


  1. Things are not always as they appear. Martin Luther King "I had a dream speech" did not mention many of his affairs, but then again the movement he created or his family talking about it post mortum would have been contra to the intended movement. Of course he was not the only one. Can you only imagine the angst that Coretta Scott King and Jackie Kennedy Onassis took to their grave about their beloved wandering husbands.

    The King movement bred Malcom X, Quanell X, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton. It must be said though that the movement did lead to greater equality. The unfortunate by-product is that less than 50% of African-American children know who there father is.

    Cesar Chavez did much for farm workers rights which have been impoverished for years, working jobs that robbed youths and few other Americans are/were willing to work. Unfortunately the sidebar issue we are forced to deal with now is illegal immigration that no political party has wanted to address head on.

    In a nut shell there is always another side of the story. Things are seldom as they seem. We need someone like Ron Paul or Chris Christie as president. One thing for sure....we need a CHANGE!!!!

  2. If we're to be fascinated by dalliances of our public figures, this one imagined by James Howard Kunstler's "High Corn" blog last Monday (8/15), ...

    "Looking every inch the Assistant Manager of a J.C. Penny, Rick Perry of Texas stepped on-board the touring evangelical freak show that the Republican pre-primary parade has turned into. I like to think of him as George W. Bush without all the encumbering intellect. I give it three months before media snoops catch him in bed with Michele Bachmann. The two of them will claim it was all right because Jesus was there as chaperone and anyway, '...alls we did was watch the Vikings-Cowboy game....,'

    would be hilarious -- if -- it somehow devalued the visions they have for this nation. It doesn't which, in this case, still leaves these two scarier than sh*t.

  3. Call me an ‘old conservative’, but I still believe that if you want to play, you need to pay…not pray.

    In reference to an above comment:

    Focusing on the sexual proclivities of a person vilifies them and seeks to negate any form of social benefit. Although, these activities may be facets of their own personal (private) identity, they are independent of their social work. Unlike the pray out the gay facet of the Bachman campaign or the pray to spay the unemployment monster a la Gov. Perry, the works of King, Chavez, etc. have sought to provide social and intellectual mobility for numerous minority populations. Ideology continuously prevented it from taking root.

    Making blanket and generalizing statements about specific populations when in fact…there is another story to the story does NOT change the situation, only empowers the status quo. Although, these social movements have empowered and provided access to ‘equality’ for a select few who can ‘pay’ to play, the rest are left in their proverbial ‘ghettos’ to pray for assistance. Where they yet again they fall on deaf ear and become more unanswered prayers. Prayers which I doubt the conservative bible-thumping left have any inclination to solve (i.e.… the hell out of the poor and middle class, but drop $5 in the communal donation basket to absolve one’s guilt over the aforementioned subject).

    In reference to the blogger’s post:

    I am envious of the fact that you are in a location where Green Chile drowns out the stench of this ripe political manure.

    I could really use a margarita and a nice bowl of green chile stew in the upcoming months when the political excrement slinging will be as common (but not remotely as satisfying) as wiping my own derriere! Call me an ‘old conservative’ but I still pray to one-day play in a politically intellectual way.