Monday, August 1, 2011

The New America of the Raw Deal

This is, to recall the words of a great president, "a day which will live in infamy."

At a time when we needed a new New Deal, the worst president in our history has joined hands with the worst Congress in our history to give us a Raw Deal.

If the nearly 60 million jobless Americans don't mobilize and march on Washington demanding justice; if the millions of progressive Americans don't mobilize and form a vigorous third party; if the so-called Tea Party doesn't strangle on its own bile; if the few liberals in Congress don't seize the bully pullpit and raise unshirted hell; if independent Americans don't recognize the treason just committed in Washington . . .

. . . if these things don't happen now, they will never happen.  Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

None of these things will happen, of course.

Once there was a democracy known as the United States of America.

Now there is a United Corporatocracy of North America, founded in greed and dedicated to the proposition that all corporations are people with inalienable rights to unconscionable profits.

Ruled by oligarchs, racists and bigots, it has sucked the blood of protest from hundreds of millions of spineless, leaderless so-called citizens.

For the masses, there is nothing left but guilt, groveling, subservience, submission, orts on the table and potholes in the road: grim, grinding poverty.  Poverty of ideas.  Poverty of ethics.  Poverty of the body and the soul.

Learn to like it, you ignorant fools.

You brought it on yourselves.


  1. Tom, a fantastic and so true article! Thank you for this one.

    The sad story is that Europe is on the same route.

    So, people unite and fight for more rights, freedom and peace. Or as Lois would say, "to the bridge!"

    Norbert, Austria

  2. I agree with the premise, but disagree with the liberal statement. Liberals are a major part of the problem. As an example, if the Democratic party and the left wing of Pelosi and Reid were still in power we would never see a Balanced Budget agenda, as was proposed by the fiscal conservatives sometime grouped into the term Tea Party. We need to remember where that term came from in the Revolutionary War where patriots fought against increased levels of taxation. Does this sound familiar?
    Democrats hang their hat on the Clinton presidency as framework for fiscal responsibility and prosperity, yet most of us know he was a benefactor of 8 years of no military conflict other than Bosnia and a fictitious internet based .Com economy that crashed early In George Bush’s presidency. Bush subsequently got us into 2 wars driving up debt quickly (oh did I forget to mention Clinton had Bin Laden and let him go). Now we have Obama that thinks Lybia is the new Russia and we, through NATO need to get him out of his country. The NATO budget, which we fund close to 60% has racked us up about $1 Trillion in debt which the Democratic Party conveniently don’t mention while slamming Bush.
    The solutions are easy but difficult. We need the equivalent of a 3rd party. What it is named is not important, but we need decision-makers not afraid of Liberal or Conservative action groups.
    • We need tax reform. Fair Tax or Flat Tax are good and will take away a lot of loop holes.
    • Going against the way of business, we need caps in income (how much is too much needs to drive this sum).
    • Companies taking business across the border need to pay heavy penalties to bring their products back in. This should put a damper on using very cheap labor. It should also drive the ecological discussion with these companies averting US emission regulations.
    • We need to reduce the minimum wage which hampers small business
    • We need to have CAREERS for everyone, not just jobs for everyone that wants one including illegal aliens that are willing to pay back a stiff fine for entering our country illegally and living off taxpayers. Those lazy members that the Democratic Party have created in the name of welfare can wither away or wake up and get a job. NO MORE HANDOUTS!
    • Medical/Insurance/Pharmacy businesses cost needs reforming to be handled by a private companies with the money going to the states and not the Federal Government! Everyone working , disabled, or retired should have insurance that is in a voucher format. We need to end patient abuse of going to ER’s for drug needs. Those who choose not to work and are not disabled/retired would have no coverage.
    The day and age of pure forms of Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism are outdated. We have to look outside the box and will unfortunately have more controls in the future than we would like. But we have to change.