Tuesday, January 25, 2011

News Item: Clarence Says, "Oops!"

Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas said he had misunderstood the filing and reporting instructions when he failed for 13 years to properly disclose his wife's income on federal financial forms. The justice then formally amended each of his forms, spanning the years 1997-2009, the accurate contents of which are required from the justices under the Ethics in Government Act.

His acknowledgment came after Common Cause disclosed he had failed to report nearly $700,000 of his wife's income from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank at which Virginia Thomas worked from 2003 to 2007.

"It has come to my attention," Justice Thomas wrote Monday to federal officials, "that information regarding my spouse's employment required in Part III B of my financial disclosure report was inadvertently omitted due to a misunderstanding of the filing instructions."

There was no comment about his misunderstanding of the Fourteenth Amendment which resulted in his casting the decisive vote in the Citizens United case holding that corporations are people, and Constitutionally entitled to buy as many elections as they can afford.

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