Friday, December 10, 2010

Just Supposin'

Do you suppose you could eke out an existence on $2.5 million a year?  Let's say you could manage.  But then let's say Uncle Sam suddenly required you to pay another $84,000 a year in taxes. Bet you'd squeal.

Dr. Kidglove's tax sell-out to the right wing is going to cost the poorest of our working poor about $400 a year in additional taxes.  Read that again: the poorest of our working poor will pay $400 in additional taxes -- withheld from their earnings, money they will never see -- under the latest Obama crime against the common people.

Proportionally, that's the equivalent of deducting $84,000 from the paycheck of a $2.5-million a year member of our wealthiest two per cent.

It's really, really important, according to Dr. Kidglove, to continue the obscene tax cuts George Bush gave to the richest people among us because . . . . because . . . well, it's really important, that's all.

And as for the really, really poor guy who's going to see his munificent income cut by another $400, well, if he's any kind of a patriot, he'll stop whining.  We have a deficit to reduce, y'see, and that means sacrifice. 

     *   *   *

You don't suppose the CIA had anything at all to do with the  rape accusation agrainst WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who's being held without bail in England on behalf of Interpol which put the finger on Assange on behalf of Sweden which has yet  to file charges or even put forth probable cause? 

Assange's principal accuser, Anna Ardin,  reportedly has left Sweden and may no longer be cooperating with the criminal investigation of her own charges.  Anna is said to be in Palestine working as a volunteer with "a Christian group." 

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, authorities have arrested a 16-yer-old boy on charges of "being involved in" the hacking of MasterCard and Visa websites after the credit card companies refused to process donations to WikiLeaks. 

   *   *   *
There's a grocery chain named Giant Eagle that has union stores and non-union stores.  Debbie Weiloch worked, at one of the non-union stores, for 36 years.  Recently, in the company cafeteria, while on break, she chatted with a fellow employe about union issues with Giant Eagle.  The store manager called in the police, who put her in 'cuffs and filed trespassing charges. You don't suppose that store manager ever read a thing called the First Amendment, do you?

   *   *   *
Some tax-and-spend Democrats sponsored a bill to pay the health care costs of rescue workers who suffered toxic effects from the smoke and debris after the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers.  It has passed the House.  Republicans won't let it come to a vote in the Senate.  I suppose that's called Compassionate Conservatism.

   *   *   *
Time to watch a nice Christmas movie.  How about, "It's a Wonderful World?"

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