Saturday, September 18, 2010

Think the Glass is Half Empty? You Got a Attytood Problem!

I remember when real Democrats walked the land, and when their candidates threw their hats into the ring on Labor  Day, in Cadillac Square, in sweat-stained Detroit.

Today,  most Democrats are really Republicans  in cheap suits. The other night a "Democratic" president preened before $30,000 a plate fat cats in plutocratic Greenwich, Conn. "back country," and derided  Democrats who "just congenitally see the glass as half empty."

Honest Injun.  That's what Barack Obama said. The fat cats thought it was hilarious.

While Dr. Kidglove was entertaining the super-rich with his disdain for the poor folks, the number of Americans without health insurance rose by 4.3 million to a record 50.7 million people.  Silly fools probably think their glasses are half empty.  Ha ha.

For forty per cent of American families, the 30 grand Kidglove's fat cats paid per plate to hear him gabble would represent an increase in annual income.  Yep, two out of every five Americans take home less than the cost of one plate of food at the Democratic fund raiser.  Damn idiots probably think their glasses are less than half full. Ha ha.

Official Labor Department statistics place the unemployment rate in this country at 9.6 per cent, representing almost 15 million people.  A nationwide unemployment study by a non-profit, independent academic group estimated that the government statistics dramatically understate the real amount of joblessness in this country.  They put the probable unemployment rate above 12 per cent, representing nearly 22 million unemployed working-age Americans.  Those demented asses probably think their glasses are half empty. Ha ha.

As Dr. Kidglove regaled his rich supporters, 3.8 million more Americans joined the official poverty pool as determined by government income standards.  One in seven Americans now lives in "official" poverty.  These misguided souls probably consider their glasses to be more than half empty. Hidey ha hee haw.

Thirty-thousand dollars to eat peas and chicken with the First Fabricator.

I know a small-businessman who couldn't get a $30,000 loan to save his business, at the same time that Dr. Kidglove was committing trillions to save the Wall Street crowd that caused the worst recession in the U.S. since the 1930s.  It put his 27 employees out of jobs and his family into the poverty-income bracket.

I know a young man who worked two jobs, stayed up all night studying, and still found time to work to elect Barack Obama president while he was taking on heavy debt to get a college degree. He got his degree, but is still without a job.  The Wall Street crowd is collecting record bonuses.  The top paid CEOs in the United States are the ones who have laid off the most workers.

None of this seems right to me.  But then, I just congenitally see the glass as half empty. Ain't that hilarious?

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