Monday, May 31, 2010

Killing the Place Where Life Was Born

What kind of people are we?

Our heavily subsidized puppet ally in the Middle East  makes war on civilians, commits piracy on the high seas and murders humanitarians bent on delivering  aid to suffering people.

And we "regret" the loss of life.

Enormously rich corporations buy public office for their whores, corrupt the agencies that supposedly regulate them under watered-down laws and rape the environment in which we live.

Life on this planet began in the sea. Now the unregulated extraction industry is killing the place where life was born.

And we impose a "moratorium" on oil drilling in the sea.

The highest court in the land has decreed that corporations may use their enormous financial resources to buy control of our government at every level.

And we paste little flags on our trucks  with slogans about our national greatness.

We elect a black man to our highest office -- and condemn even his  modest efforts to reform a broken country.  We heap unprecedented vitriol upon him, even upon his little children, and call ourselves "patriots."

Unsurpassed greed in the highest offices of the nation's greatest financial institutions drive millions of Americans out of their homes and into poverty, shrink lifelong savings of other millions into pittances and precipitate a global economic crisis.

And we say "tsk, tsk" and Congress passes new "regulations" that will ensure that the big banks continue the same practices that wrought disaster.

What kind of people are we? 

Politically rotten and ethically dead.

Surrounding ourselves now with a dead sea.

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