Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Nuts and the ACORN

     When I witness the hilarious mouth-frothing of the Foxes over the great ACORN scandal, my memory takes me back to a musical theater stage in post-riot Detroit.  In John and Dorothy Ashby's splendid jazz play, "Three Six," the approach of the white police would be signaled by the distant sound of sirens, whereupon the black cast would break out into song: "Ring around the ghetto, keep the Niggers in.  Let them knife each other, fighting' over gin."

   As the police arrived onstage they heard a torrent of misinformation that sent them scurrying off on wild goose chases.  Then their real prey, the king of the numbers books and his runners, emerged from hiding and resumed the day's business.

   "Three Six" was a whimsical depiction of real life in the black ghetto as it existed on the evening when a white police raid on a black after-hours drinking and gambling dive set off the rampage that killed what was then America's fifth-largest city.

   Against a similar  backdrop, the Foxes are shocked, SHOCKED!, that some ACORN employees were receptive to and willing to help establish a house of ill repute suggested by the Fox scammers who set them up.

   Fox conveniently did not mention the ACORN employees who saw through the ruse.  One threw them out of the office.  Another gave them some hum -- "Ah done kilt bof' ma husbins" -- which the big fools bit into and didn't even retract when the local sheriff reported that both men were alive and well and laughing like hell at Beck, O'Reilly and the other whiteys who were so easy to fool.

   ACORN is a grassroots outfit that has tasked itself with showing ghetto residents how to lift themselves up by the bootstraps.  One of its operations is a vast, nationwide effort to register poor blacks, hispanics and others as legal voters.  To give them a voice in a government that otherwise is hostile to them.  It recruits most of its employees and most of its fee-for-servicer voter registration workers off the streets of the ghetto.

   Is it really shocking, SHOCKING !  that some of these people, approached by slick-talking dudes in fine threads and flashing very long green, might think that a nice, clean, well-run whorehouse could be good for the neighborhood?  Bring in some tax-free white money, fix up a rundown place and make it look real nice, provide a few jobs.  What's surprising is that so many of these rung-in "Niggers" were smart enough not to fall for the Foxes' hoax.

   Virtually all of the legitimate voters enrolled by the ACORN workers vote Democrat, which is what really worms the Foxes.

   The registration teams, recruited right off the ghetto streets and paid serious Johnny Walker Red money for each voter they signed up, of course gamed the system and registered thousands of non-existent voters, or ineligible ones.  Grow up on the streets and that's what you know: game the system.

   Who's guiltier, the ACORN dudes with sixth-grade educations in ghetto schools who enrolled fictitious voters, or the Yale and Liberty Law School educated lawyers and shills who disenfranchised thousands of legal voters in  Florida, Ohio, Indiana and elsewhere to steal elections for the GOP?

   American racism comes in subtle tones, not always in black and white.  The hypocritical flap over ACORN is just one more racist bleat from the white far right.

   They cannot get over the fact that there's a black man -- A BLACK MAN! -- in "their" White House.


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