Wednesday, August 19, 2009

About those town hall mobs

Surely Nancy Pelosi misspoke when she called the actions of the town hall mobs "unAmerican."

She might have chosen more apt words, among them being uncivil, ignorant, rude, addled, disrespectful, screeching, despicable, bad-mannered, impertinent, ugly, troglodytic, impudent, churlish, illiterate, benighted, ill-informed, dyslaliac, thuggish, bullying, ominous, prattling, boorish, stupid, malicious, deranged, mad, disturbed, revolting, bellicose, unhinged, irrational, crazed, demented, berserk, lunatic, hyperbolic, wacko, rowdy, spiteful, barbaric, malevolent, vindictive, vengeful, heinous, mean, brutish, nasty, hurtful, bitchy, untruthful, dyscrasic, maladjusted, pin-brained, frightened, loathsome, loutish, frightening, alarmist, obnoxious, alarming, racist, protodawic, out of control, misled, vicious, coached, vacuous or imbecilic.

But unAmerican? Alas, the opposite. In this terribly polarized nation, the mobs' behavior has been quintessentially American.

To our everlasting shame.

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